Join the North Cork Business Alliance

The NCBA are always looking for new business members to join the group. You must be proposed by two existing members of the group and then an application form will be given to you to complete. The proposing members must have direct business experience of the applicant.

NOTE: Only one member per business category.

NCBA Feedback
All NCBA members will be notified of membership applications and are encouraged to provide feedback to the Members Committee.

The application, references and feedback are taken into consideration by the Members Committee and Steering Committee and a decision is made.

Competition for Membership
When more than one business applies for a membership position within the group they are asked, in addition to the above, to present their case to the group. This takes the form of a 5 minute presentation on what they can bring to the group as a member.

After hearing from all applicants the group then votes. This vote is confidential and anonymous. The count is done publically with at least three members in attendance.

Strong Negative Feedback
Should there be strong negative feedback from more than one member within the group indicating a serious lack of professionalism in an applicant; the Steering Committee reserves the right to veto the election. There must be first hand experience of this behaviour by an existing group member.

Quality Members Result in More Referrals
The NCBA is known for its high quality members. The group relies on being able to trust each other with each other’s clients. Therefore, both feedback and good references are vital when considering new members.

    The NCBA meet every Friday morning at 7:30am in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow.