About the North Cork Business Alliance

About The North Cork Business Alliance

The North Cork Business Alliance (NCBA) was set up as a referral network for business people in the North Cork Region. The group meets weekly to exchange referrals, support each other and to benefit from internal and external business training. As local business people, we share knowledge and ideas and ultimately expand business contacts.

The NCBA is a professional networking group that is continuously evolving to meet its members’ needs. The group consists of sole traders, micro businesses and small to medium enterprises who are dedicated to improving the local and national economy.

  • Promotion and Support of local business
  • Exchange of Referrals
  • Business Training, Sharing of Knowledge and Mentoring
  • Business Networking and Social Events

Growth and Development

NCBA / Chamber Seminar June 2011A Needs Analysis is conducted on a regular basis to identify shortfalls in knowledge/expertise that is not available within the group. Once a shortfall is identified, relevant professional external facilitators are engaged to impart the desired information, thus ensuring that the members are adequately equipped to conduct their businesses as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Referrals and Testimonials

Referrals and testimonials are integral components of the NCBA. As a group, the NCBA nurtures business relationships between members, facilitating trust and confidence in each other’s products and services. This, in turn, results in quality referrals. In order to continue to receive quality referrals and testimonials, each member strives for excellence in the performance of their business.

1 to 1 Networking

Members are encouraged to have a 1:1 with another member weekly if possible in order to grow a good business relationship and knowledge of each others businesses. This tends to improve the quality and quantity of referrals within the group.


The NCBA regularly utilises both the internal expertise of its members and the external expertise of professional presenters by hosting informative presentations and question and answer sessions.


There is also a social dimension to NCBA. Regular social outings are organised which afford members opportunities to further promote the bond and trust between businesses, which will, ultimately, also assist in the referral process.

Read about the NCBA Protocols.

The NCBA meet every Friday morning at 7:30am in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow.