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A girl should be two things classy and fabulous ..Coco Chanel

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance

Looking great becomes easy when you know the lines that will create a balance and harmony in your overall appearance.

To be well dressed you should wear clothes that;

  • Complement you, your coloring and body shape.
  • Reflect your personality
  • Are appropriate.
  • Are current

Your clothes, make-up, hair and accessories should be an extension of you!

I have been in the fashion business for over two decades now and over that time I have realized that Beauty is pain is a terrible excuse for torturing your body to fit into tiny pointy heels or asking random girls on nights out to zip and unzip your play suit.

Fashion is fantastic for letting our personalities shine. It can gives people confidence.The advice i would give to any young person, and listen to me I’ve been around for long enough to have seen it all to dress for you! Don’t dress in some tiny sequin dress that cuts under your arms and and make you self conscious all night because its too short. Don’t wear massive heels in the hope it will look sexier trust me your bunions will arrive years later from it and they wont be sexy.
No matter your size, age, gender, or height always dress for you.

Dress appropriately! Do you want to look back in ten years to see photos of yourself in a Bartlett and hot pants while shivering in five degrees in Irish weather?!

Real fashion is feeling feeling fabulous and confident in yourself.For example i have slim legs that some people torture themselves to achieve by dieting,gym etc etc but trust me shouldn’t. If i ever wear high boots i look like I’m wearing wellies so instead i have to wear ankle boots as they work best for me and my body shape.

So ladies remember ,yes it is your body and you should wear what you want but fashion really is looking classy and dressing for what suits you.

Be comfortable and fabulous and be yourself,

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