Benefits of a Call Answer Service

Benefits of a Call Answer Service
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As we all know you only “get one opportunity to create a first impression”. In a lot of cases the first contact a potential client experiences are when they pick up the phone to contact your business. If they get through to a voicemail, answering machine or even worse if the phone rings out the first impression is not going to be positive. 70% of people do not leave messages on voicemail and answering machines, they will go to the next name on the list, they want to speak to a person. If your phone is answered by a professional Personal assistant, who knows about your business and products and who deals efficiently with the call the vital first impression is created.

The Right Telephone Answering Service

  • Using the right Telephone Answering Service is very cost effective when compared to hiring a full time receptionist. With most services you pay for the number of calls you receive. Cost savings of up to 70% are not unusual. At Office Assist you pay for the number of messages you receive, which again saves you money.
  • Using an answering service can free you to spend time ON your business not in your business; meeting customers, selling your product or service with the comfort that you are not missing phone calls and potential sales.
  • Using the right answering service means that you NEVER EVER miss an important call.
  • Using an answering service allows you to turn off your mobile phone when you are in important meetings knowing that it will still be answered.

What to look for in an answering service?

  • Are all calls answered in YOUR business NAME?
  • Are their staff fully trained professionals?
  • Does your answering service provide the service directly themselves or do they outsource?
  • Does your service customise the service to meet your exact needs?
  • How does your service relay messages?
  • What are the normal working hours that you service operates? Do they take calls during lunch hours?
  • Does your service send you a free end of day report giving details of all messages received that day?
  • Does you service screen calls that you don’t want to pay for? i.e. Cold Sales Calls
  • Does your service only answer limited questions on your behalf or put a limit on the length of calls?
  • Can you service provider provide additional services if you want them?

Does your service provider manage your costs for you, ensuring that you pay lower tariffs when call volumes drop and that you are always on the most cost effective tariff?

Costs vary from provider to provider with the majority having a range of tariffs each of which include a fixed number of messages with an additional charge for excess messages.

Office Assist offer a professional personal customised service. We have different price packages available but can also tailor the service to suit any pocket and any business. We will answer all calls in YOUR company name and answer queries.

Your calls/queries are as important to us as they are to you.

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Telephone: 063 32466

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