2 Year Divorce has accordingly become law

2 Year Divorce has accordingly become law
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2 Year Divorce – Having considered the Thirty-eighth Amendment of the Constitution (Dissolution of Marriage) Bill 2016, the President, Michael D Higgins, has signed the Bill and it has accordingly become law.

This is great news as the Constitution has now changed into law the Divorce Referendum. The Divorce Act 1996 needs to be amended so clients can avail of new reduced 2 year waiting time.

Currently the Constitution requires a couple wishing to divorce to have lived apart for four out of the previous five years. The Family Law Divorce Act 1996 once amended will reduce the minimum period to two years during the previous three years.

Four years can be a difficult, unconscionable time for people when they are going through a separation. They are stuck in a limbo land; it often results in increasing the hostility between couples, and it obviously has an adverse effect on their children. It is hoped the 2 years will assist many couples and children as they go through this transition period in their life.

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